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The Pagan Folk Against Fascism CD is now available!

Hello all, just thought I'd plug this CD, which is designed to raise awareness of an important issue, and which has a track from Kate and myself on it!

From Paul Mitchell:
The Pagan Folk Against Fascism CD is now available!

Released just in time for Beltane, we are pleased to announce that a compilation CD of pagan folk artists is ready for you. Featuring the following artists and tracks…
Gordon MacLellan - Hills
Druidicca - Homer & the Giant
Sunshine Paul Newman - Just a Matter of Time
Liv Torc - Shades of Green
Kate & Corwen - Sweet England*
Mike O'Connor - Singing in the May
The Dolmen - Willow Fae
Devil's Elbow - Cambric Shirt*
Damh the Bard - Merlin am I (Live)
Mad Magdalen - Alison Cross*
Anharmonic - No One Said It Would Be Easy
Jim Faupel - Wicker Man
Talis Kimberley - 1400 Hours
Paul Mitchell - Clarion Call
Gordon MacLellan - Kelpie
Mad Magdalen - Wassail**

Damh the Bard, Talis Kimberely, Mad Magdalen, Paul Mitchell, Anharmonic and Druidicca offer previously unreleased recordings. Jim Faupel (who appears courtesy of Rig Records) has offered a bespoke recording of one of his best known songs. Spoken word from Gordon MacLellan and Liv Torc.
The CD offers a chance to listen to some great folk from the pagan community, and a great chance to support this project!

Only £10 (+£2 p&p) Check out and head for the shop!
All songs written by the performing artists except * Traditional songs with arrangements by the performing artists and ** written by Mike O'Connor with harmonies arranged by Sarah Morgan

Paul Mitchell

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