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Pagan Folk Against Fascism CD, and John Barleycorn.

I'm really looking forward to the release of the Pagan Folk Against Fascism CD, which Paul Mitchell (of Pagan Satire fame) is organising. If you haven't heard of Folk Against Fascism, basically its a response to the BNP's attempt to infiltrate the folk scene and use folk music for fund raising and to promote their evil racist policies, please check out the Folk Against Fascism website for more information.

Kate and I have contributed a remixed version of Sweet England from her CD and a specially recorded version of John Barleycorn, featuring our wheezy asthmatic pedal harmonium (and my wheezy asthmatic singing!). You can hear our version of John Barleycorn here.

The words and tune of this version were collected by Cecil Sharp from the singing of Robert Pope of Alcombe in Sussex, some time before 1906.

We've also had the amazingly talented Paul Newman staying with us last week working on some tracks for his album, and mixing a fantastic track he's written for the PFAF CD.

Hopefully the CD should be out around Beltaine!

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