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due to popular demand, i've just republished my book, 'fairies of the wild, wild moon' on, where it can be downloaded as an e book or ordered as a print on demand.Philip Carr-Gomm wrote the foreword.
I wrote this a few years ago after several years of very intense encounters with fairies while living almost alone in the wilderness. It was during the planetary alignment of the late 1980s that it began, and was such a mind-wrenching experience that it took me more than a decade to get myself together enough to write about it. a canadian druid, Matthew Scott published it, and although it sold its first print-run, it was not reissued due to the failure of Matthew's publishing venture in the aftermath of the trades building tragedy and the war on terrorism. Ann Whitlock gave it a beautiful rave review in Touchstone, and it got rave reviews on both and amazon as well. but it was too soon. a decade ago, people were still fearful of fairies - the current fairy craze was only just beginning, and this book goes a lot more deeply into the phenomenon than most, maybe any other, and perhaps deeper than most people were ready to go in those days.
it's a rigorously truthful account, incorporating a close-up interview with a true fairy, and accounts of their genesis on the moon, their co-evolution with us, their sexuality, reproduction and proliferation through flowers and fantasy, their magic, and the bridges we are currently building between their worlds and ours when we start living our lives so as to include fairies.this book concentrates on only one of the many kinds of fairies i met in those days and still see and commune with on a daily basis.

i'll be grateful to anyone who'll rate it and/or leave a few words of review.

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Comment by Hilde, Birdsnest on March 31, 2010 at 8:06
I will buy that book, some time this year! Look forward to it!
Comment by Corwen ap Broch on March 31, 2010 at 11:24
Lulu is a great resource for self publishing, a good idea to put your book there Vyvyan, I hope it finds a wide audience.
Comment by vyvyan ogma wyverne on April 1, 2010 at 1:04
thanks! :)

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