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My name is Heike (pronounce 'hika'), I live in the South of Belgium, in a village almost at the end of the world. I'm an archaeologist and theologian and mother of three boys. My conscious spiritual path started a good twenty years ago and I have spend a lot of time working within the framework of classical Christian churches. A few years ago, I felt very much drawn to Celtic spirituality and my world, worldview and understanding of the divine have basically exploded since then. That didn't fit so well with most of the Christians we were working with and both my husband and I have moved away from that setting. We feel a bit like the Irish monks of old who cast themselves out in a coracle without oars and let the winds and currents determine their destination. This is how I came here.. My links with the Ceile De and Obod made me aware of the personhood of all living beings and some years ago I became aware of a limetree who seemed to be reaching out to me. I kept greeting him/her and the link grew stronger. A few weeks agon, I consciously connected to rocks and realised that there is a whole part of the world I know nothing about... Now I want to continue this exciting journey and learn more about all the people I have ignored so far, only some of them human. I am reading Graham Harvey's 'Animism' and hope to gain more insights (and maybe later on share as well some) on this forum.

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Comment by Corwen ap Broch on April 13, 2010 at 11:00
Hello Heike, nice to see you here and thanks for telling us more about yourself. I love your image of the coracle borne monks. We are all in reality making a journey to an unknown destination, it can be unsettling to realise that in a profound way!

The 'Deep Life' of the earth around us is astonishing, yet we rarely slow down enough to feel its presence or realise the cosmic timescales we are afloat on in our little coracles, our boats of skin.

Anyway welcome to this Ning and I hope you find some interesting currents to follow here.
Comment by Heike on April 16, 2010 at 7:22
Thank you, Corwen, for welcoming me! It seems a very good place to be, full of surprises. I'm glad you created it and together we'll build it up.
Comment by Sabine on August 2, 2010 at 12:14
interesting, how you describe, coming from a traditional theological background, your journey of exploring more dimensions of the earth - congratulations for opening yourself to all that - it is beautiful - I can feel it in your lines of text :-)

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