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The Society of Celtic Shamans quarterly e-journal has been in publication for fourteen years this year!

The SCS really began with the journal, only in those days it was printed ink-on-paper and distributed by mail or in local shops. It had a huge carbon footprint and ate trees. Today it is a carbon friendly publication on the wonderful world wide web.

I am always looking for material on Celtic and Celtic shamanic traditions.

This would include articles on folkways, journeys, and spiritual traditions. Articles about animals, trees, faerys, undines, and all the animate world -- even the bits that non-animists think are inanimate.

I would love to see your articles, poems, journeys, essays, and stories. Also would love to see your original artwork and/or photos related to the natural world and to our spiritual traditions.

We publish four times a year: Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, Samhain.

In the month before publication I run about and try to find articles, poems, journeys, stories, and essays for the coming issue.

I would love to read anything you wish to submit. Can't pay our authors but you do get full credits, a bio with contact information and, of course, your copyrights are protected.

Please send any submissions to me at in .doc format. (No .docx, please.) Photos and photos of original art should be sent as .jpg.

I am presently looking for material for the Beltane 2010 issue but will be glad to see material related to any of the four seasons.

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