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my book: fairies of the wild wild moon

due to popular demand, i've just republished my book, 'fairies of the wild, wild moon' on, where it can be downloaded as an e book or ordered as a print on demand.Philip Carr-Gomm wrote…

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liwya and star

i took this on the way here this morning. they're just aff to bed after a night's browsing and digging up bulbs by starlight and moonlight. they're quite tame - they just stood there quite close to me and my little dog and watched while i took the picture. they were still standing there as we walked on our way. i called the one in front liwya a few years ago (she's about seven ), and then she had the daughter with a star on her head about four years… Continue

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galahs are very common around here. in oz slang their name is used to denote an irresponsible (human) larrikan, including politicians, but that's not altogether fair. they are well-behaved birds, but they're daring and playful as well. they're not really called cockatoos, though they are very closely related to them. they haven't got the long crest feathers of cockies, but they erect their head… Continue

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a sort of sonnet - not very formal, though.

in the daisy of my eye.

in the daisy of my eye, the lotus of my mind

and in my heart the mystic rose, my gods dwell.

what i hold or contemplate or moves me, or i find

surrounding me; their sense their dark souls tell

into my imaging mind. to my charmed understanding

they bring breaths of distant seas and strange places,

and transcendent heavens. so i sing this countermanding

antipathy, leavening cringe and threat, protecting… Continue

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a poem: vixen


rapid running

snaking like a moonbeam

over the breezy grass

it’s a windy night

in the snuffing of a

nwyfrous frolic

of grass-rich air

as animal- and tree-

as star- and stone- and being-filled

as any eye’s glimpse

of a landscape alive

with busy and boisterous

diverse and jubilant

desperate and studious


cacophony of colours

traces of places

cacophony of… Continue

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a poem: the foresters

often a hunter in mountainous wilds,

trained from his boyhood to feel like a man

alone in the woods with his rifle still hot

and a carcase before him still shuddering out

its life with the blood welling out of its wounds,

has gazed on a morning of beauty sublime

when the sun as it rose set the valley aglow

and lit like a jewel a single wild beast

broad-antlered, wise-eyed and proud in his stance

who deeply communed with him there as he stood… Continue

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solstice greetings!

have a blessed and beautiful alban ceremony or meditation this solstice, whichever hemisphere you're in.

wish i could share these with you - they're sooooooo delicious!

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i've written a few songs expressing some of my thoughts about nature and the place of humans and other beings within it, and i'm now inspired to put them here, starting with one that has been played on the obod message board. it's called 'the shepherd'. you can listen to it by scrolling down to the music player on the lhs of my page. i've written only three or four with truly animistic themes, but there are more coming!

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be kind to your computer

as i switched on the computer for work this morning - i’d been on a trip down memory lane on a cup of fair-trade organically grown coffee and i wasn’t quite back yet – i swore at it, my computer, not the coffee, quite nastily for no reason at all, except that i was wanting ‘flow’ and it was being 'clunky', and i snarled - ‘bloody hell’ were my exact words if you want the details - i felt the emotional energy i was giving this machine and i was quite shocked, because i realised that ten years… Continue

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alcheringa/altjuringa: aborigine dreamtime theory

the aborigine teachings are often misinterpreted, so i intend to talk about them only with the utmost care and caution, with respect for what my guides have taught me. i am a seer, and do see them clearly, and have touched the man who initiated me when he appeared in my caravan one night - kissed his lips indeed, before he vanished back into the ether. so i am equipped to say what few things i venture to say of what i've been taught.

dream-time is not a perfect translation of any of… Continue

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do plants feel?

when i was searching for direction as the 'new age' began to flourish around me as a young adult in the 1970s, i had to deal with questions of cruelty to animals that all but demanded that i give up my carnivorous habits and eat only vegetables, cereals and seeds and fruit. i tried it for a while, as the easiest way to win the goodwill of the moguls and be part of the mob, never having to face the issues because of having evaded them - as long as no one asked any really probing questions, of… Continue

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