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I love this song.

Everybody's worried about time

But i just keep that sh*t off my mind

People living on twenty-four hour clocks

But we're on a ride that never stops

Hey Mr. Bee, the world change, but you remain the same

And I wonder how you'll survive with the environment going down the drain

Hey Miss Dragonfly, I see you look at me with your beautiful eyes

You must be wondering, what type of creature am I?

A dog…


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The Pagan Folk Against Fascism CD is now available!

Hello all, just thought I'd plug this CD, which is designed to raise awareness of an important issue, and which has a track from Kate and myself on it!

From Paul Mitchell:

The Pagan Folk Against Fascism CD is now available!

Released just in time for Beltane, we are pleased to announce that a compilation CD of pagan folk artists is ready for you. Featuring the following artists and tracks…

Gordon MacLellan - Hills

Druidicca - Homer & the… Continue

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Save Me Campaign in the UK

For those of you in the UK, Brian May has launched a campaign to do whatever necessary to defeat those who would reinstitute fox hunting with dogs. He has titled it the Save Me Campaign and invites you to join him at

He has also been trying to find some way of preventing the destruction of badgers in Wales due to the spread of Bovine TB. If anyone is interested in following these, check in at:…


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I just had to leave a short entry. I saw a program about Bhutan last week on PBS and can't get it out of my mind. The country is beautiful and so are the people. But what blew me away was that the main priorities of the government are that the people are happy (as opposed to accumulating wealth and becoming materialistic from exposure to the West) and preserving their natural resources and the integrity of their country. I wish we had such priorities and wise leadership in America.

Added by Cacatua on March 31, 2010 at 19:34 — 7 Comments

Earthsongs Submissions

The Society of Celtic Shamans quarterly e-journal has been in publication for fourteen years this year!

The SCS really began with the journal, only in those days it was printed ink-on-paper and distributed by mail or in local shops. It had a huge carbon footprint and ate trees. Today it is a carbon friendly publication on the wonderful world wide web.

I am always looking for material on Celtic and Celtic shamanic traditions.

This would include…


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Greetings and Salutations

So glad to be here in a space that is devoted to Animism. Ning seems a lot more personal then Facebook.

I am the founder and moderator of the Society of Celtic Shamans and shamans are, of course, animists.

The SCS website is at:

We have a podcast at:

Our quarterly journal, Earthsongs, is…


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Pagan Folk Against Fascism CD, and John Barleycorn.

I'm really looking forward to the release of the Pagan Folk Against Fascism CD, which Paul Mitchell (of Pagan Satire fame) is organising. If you haven't heard of Folk Against Fascism, basically its a response to the BNP's attempt to infiltrate the folk scene and use folk music for fund raising and to promote their evil racist policies, please check out the Folk Against Fascism website for more information.

Kate and I have contributed a… Continue

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best places

The more I study all religions, the more each one intrigues me. As the Thermostat rises and the spring flowers bloom, I can see the Creator in the flowers, the trees, the mountains. I believe that if someone is searching for God, nature is a great way to connect.

How have you guys experienced the spiritual in nature? Are there particular places that stick out as being extremely significant for you? I… Continue

Added by Cammi Madison on March 26, 2010 at 22:49 — 3 Comments

my book: fairies of the wild wild moon

due to popular demand, i've just republished my book, 'fairies of the wild, wild moon' on, where it can be downloaded as an e book or ordered as a print on demand.Philip Carr-Gomm wrote…

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My name is Heike (pronounce 'hika'), I live in the South of Belgium, in a village almost at the end of the world. I'm an archaeologist and theologian and mother of three boys. My conscious spiritual path started a good twenty years ago and I have spend a lot of time working within the framework of classical Christian churches. A few years ago, I felt very much drawn to Celtic spirituality and my world, worldview and understanding of the divine have basically exploded since then. That didn't fit… Continue

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liwya and star

i took this on the way here this morning. they're just aff to bed after a night's browsing and digging up bulbs by starlight and moonlight. they're quite tame - they just stood there quite close to me and my little dog and watched while i took the picture. they were still standing there as we walked on our way. i called the one in front liwya a few years ago (she's about seven ), and then she had the daughter with a star on her head about four years… Continue

Added by vyvyan ogma wyverne on February 25, 2010 at 1:01 — 1 Comment

A Personal Introduction

My name is Bill and I am a graphic designer and multimedia producer living in Pittsburgh, PA…

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Green Shopping ( UK)

Ecological books, tools and eco-products chosen to help you

live a greener more environmentally friendly, healthy and sustainable

lifestyle. Our books cover a wide range of subjects connected to the

environment, including permaculture, sustainability, ecology, crafts,

smallholding, eco-architecture, green politics, and much more. We also

sell a range of carefully…

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Questions & Responses From the Nine on Nutrition

As I continue on this path, my body

has become very sensitive to certain "raw foods" (such as cacao, my

body does not like this) that some raw gurus claim to be beneficial to

the body. I understand that my body is different and unique to other

peoples bodies and I need to listen to it's signals and follow my

intuition. I'm sure for some, cacao truly resonates with their


Always follow what DOES resonate with your own individual vibration… Continue

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I've been reading the last book Vine Deloria wrote before his death, The World We Used To Live In. It is a collection of eyewitness accounts of the powers of Native American medicine men. There are some very impressive accounts too under these chapter headings:


Powers Conferred on the Medicine Men

Continuing Communications

Interspecies Relations

The Land and the Cosmos

Sacred Stones and Places

Unusual Exploits of Medicine…


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galahs are very common around here. in oz slang their name is used to denote an irresponsible (human) larrikan, including politicians, but that's not altogether fair. they are well-behaved birds, but they're daring and playful as well. they're not really called cockatoos, though they are very closely related to them. they haven't got the long crest feathers of cockies, but they erect their head… Continue

Added by vyvyan ogma wyverne on January 22, 2010 at 23:46 — 7 Comments

a sort of sonnet - not very formal, though.

in the daisy of my eye.

in the daisy of my eye, the lotus of my mind

and in my heart the mystic rose, my gods dwell.

what i hold or contemplate or moves me, or i find

surrounding me; their sense their dark souls tell

into my imaging mind. to my charmed understanding

they bring breaths of distant seas and strange places,

and transcendent heavens. so i sing this countermanding

antipathy, leavening cringe and threat, protecting… Continue

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Squirrels - HELP! How can I live with them? Argh!

I have a squirrel problem.

I live in a second floor apartment, but have a large container garden on my deck. Come the beginning of fall, the local squirrels decide that my garden is the best place to rip up the soil and hide their nuts.

Covering the containers isn't the answer- they'd just rip through anything I put over them. These squirrels have chewed their way right through an empty plastic bin on my porch before. I understand that my garden is a fantastic spot for their… Continue

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Finally I got some photos uploaded and captioned, and THEN I didn't see the "save" below soon enough and mistakenly hit "apply to ALL", so now they ALL have to be redone (except one) when I get the time.

LATER, EDIT: OK, all is now set right, so I guess I'll live. ;o)

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The Spell of the Sensuous (My Thoughts Thus Far)

As some of you know from a forum post that I have been reading The Spell of The Sensuous by David Abram. Cacatue asked me how my reading is going, and so I thought i would share with everyone. I know some of you have read it before and would love to discus the intricacies of the book with all of you.

I haver reached to Chapter 4 Animism and the Alphabet. I am finding I am really drawn by his explanations and descriptions. Some of the phenomenology is a bit academic, but being a… Continue

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