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We have had a lot of new members lately, so I thought I'd start a thread where people can all introduce themselves in the same place.

I'll start- I'm Corwen, I set up this Ning a while ago because I thought Animism should have a presence in the Ning empire and because it was a relatively easy way of building a resource for the burgeoning Animist community.

I live in East Dorset, in the UK. I make musical instruments and work as a musician, do schools workshops dressed as a Viking and play in a Ceilidh band and a few other things. I live with my partner Kate in a couple of caravans on a farm. My introduction to Animist thought was a talk Graham Harvey did at a Druid camp about 12 years ago. 

Nice to meet you all!

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Hello :) - I see this introduction site has only just been posted - and as I have just joined it seems appropriate to post - I am Jo, I have briefly met you Corwen and Kate at Grey Mare, and have been reading on this forums on and off since it started up, it does have a lovely relaxed feelings of exchange here -
I live in bucks/beds borders, just down the road from Ivinghoe Beacon - I try to get up to the woods when I can, the deer are starting their callings so hope to get up there soon for some evenings of listenings - as I am pretty much house bound these days, tho I do have a garden, a site like this one is great as it allows me out to the gentle worlds.
I also play guitar and have written a few songs of different natures -
I hope ning dont raise too many probs as time goes on lol.
Hi, my name is Jack, and i'm quite new to all of this, but i've been looking for so long for something i can truly connect with, in the way that i feel about the world. I am keen to learn as much as i can, and i felt like my entire consciousness had opened up when i discovered Animism. I have a deep love (and more importantly a profound respect) for nature and the world, and everything in it. A lot of the people don't understand how i feel about these things, and well, it's just nice to know there are more people out there. :)

In my spare time, i like to take walks through the countryside (originally from North Oxfordshire / The Cotswolds), and play guitar, piano and the drums. I feel i can really make a connection through music, and is the one thing i feel deeply and truly running through my veins. Coming from Oxfordshire, i have been a regular attendee to Fairport Convention's Cropredy festival (as it was on my doorstep), but i just don't quite feel it's enough. I also happened to be on the doorstep of the Artemis Gathering, though i never got up the courage to go along. I first got into the 'loving' way of life through a previous partner of mine, and her family, who participated in Medieval reenactments (such as Herstmonceux) and appreciated their way of life, and how they feel about the world.

I want to learn, and understand more how i feel, and maybe find some clarity, and perhaps make some friends along the way.

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